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    19 Pop Songs Fact-Checked By Professors

    Does shaking it off actually work? Academics and other experts weigh in.

    1. How fast would Miley Cyrus be going if she came in like a wrecking ball? Would the impact actually wreck her?

    2. Is it possible to kill someone softly with a song?

    3. Is it true that we will never be royals?

    4. Are same-sex attracted people really born this way?

    5. If you want a Maserati, do you need to “work, bitch”?

    6. In Vogue, Madonna sings “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it”. Is the dance style known as voguing really that easy?

    7. Should you let me take a selfie?

    8. Is it true that hips don't lie?

    9. Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

    10. Do tigers actually come at night, as Susan Boyle sings in “I Dreamed A Dream”?

    11. Is everybody living in a material world, as Madonna sings in "Material Girl"?

    12. Did Egyptians really walk like they do in “Walk Like An Egyptian”?

    13. Does milk contain any pheromones, or other volatile chemicals, that could bring all the boys to the yard?

    14. Can a person ever be toxic?

    15. Did video really kill the radio star?

    16. Do girls actually run the world?

    17. Is it true that all you need is love?

    18. Is there, in fact, a light that never goes out?

    19. Is shaking it off an effective way of dealing with players, haters and heart-breakers?