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32 Types Of People Every Australian Went To High School With

A definitive list of teenage stereotypes.

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4. A kid with an ~extremely~ outgoing mum.

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She hosted wild sleepovers where you were allowed to drink alcohol. Not to be confused with the ~other~ type of outgoing mum who worked at the school canteen.


13. A class clown who was so funny even the teachers had to smile.

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But they sometimes went too far, like asking Miss Stavropoulos if she was having an affair with the new PE teacher.


22. A kid who got bullied heaps and you should have stood up for, but didn't.


And another kid who got bullied heaps but was also a massive dick, so it was harder to sympathise.


30. A school prefect who was really good at debating and volunteered for heaps of community work.

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They were always winning random awards and once had their photo in the local newspaper.

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