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    The 40 Greatest Moments In The History Of Rock Eisteddfod

    A tribute to Australia's national art form.

    Rock Eisteddfod is probably Australia's greatest contribution to world culture.

    Once a year, high schools across the country would compete with each other to stage lavish musical productions.

    "Rocka" became legendary for its creative costumes ...

    ... and WTF moments, like this rapping Hitler with a mullet.

    Sadly, the last ever Rock Eisteddfod was held in 2012 (though it lives on elsewhere around the world). These are the most memorable highlights from its 32 year history.

    1. The time Madonna's "Vogue" was performed by bees.

    2. This epic musical about fighting the patriarchy.

    3. This ~other~ epic musical about fighting the patriarchy.

    4. This insane retelling of the Global Financial Crisis as an LSD-fuelled fairy tale.

    5. This flawless tribute to 80s rock goddess Pat Benatar.

    6. The time a Boeing 747 split open and was full of dancing passengers.

    7. The time Vincent Van Gogh was driven mad by dancing sunflowers.

    8. These scientifically accurate strands of dancing DNA.

    9. This ethereal retelling of the life of Frida Kahlo.

    10. These mischievous computer viruses.

    11. This thriving marine ecosystem.

    12. This terrifying musical about Romanian orphanages.

    13. This adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" that will haunt your dreams.

    14. This totally metal version of the classic film Picnic at Hanging Rock, danced to the The Prodigy's "Breathe".

    15. This spectacular rock opera about the dangers of texting while driving.

    16. This intense contemporary dance piece exploring the nature of Time.

    Do not ask what is time but who is time, said philosopher Martin Heidegger.

    17. This giant caterpillar totally nailing the choreography.

    18. This fantastic fusion of traditional Torres Strait Islander dance with Janet Jackson's "All For You".

    20. The times we retold our national history ...

    21. ... and the history of other nations, like the rise of Nelson Mandela.

    22. Or the downfall of Tsarist Russia, performed by giant dancing babushka dolls.

    23. This satirical show about the Iraq War which caused a national scandal.

    24. This dance which tried to raise awareness about the problem of graffiti, but actually made graffiti seem fun AF.

    25. These water-wise washing machines.

    26. This prophetic cabaret about Australia's refugee policy from 2003.

    27. This chorus of dancing Mulders and Scullys.

    28. All the times a kid fell asleep and dreamt about dancing with creepy clowns.

    29. The team sweater you're still wearing today.

    30. The promotional poster that's etched in your memory.

    31. The anticipation of the big day approaching.

    32. The endless rehearsals, which meant endless time away from class.

    Great to have @ParadeCollegePC boys competing in #Rock Eisteddfod tonight - good luck fellas!

    33. The fun of meeting students from other schools and trying to work out WTF their costumes meant.

    34. The super-friendly judges, who never had a bad word to say even if your team was legitimately shit.

    Rock Eisteddfod!!!! The Judges!! Woot Woot!!! Excited!!! Xxx

    35. The sweet taste of victory.

    36. And the media frenzy that followed.

    37. Or just the ~natural high~ of taking part.

    38. But best of all, the times you made friendships ...

    39. ... and precious memories ...

    A photo from our Rock Eisteddfod performance. Nothing makes me prouder, we placed 3rd! Love you all xx

    40. ... to last a lifetime.

    You captured our collective dreams and nightmares in a glorious gesamtkunstwerk – an artform that contains every other artform. Rock Eisteddfod, we salute you.

    just got bored so I am posting a photo of me at ready to dance at the 2012 Rock Eisteddfod Challenge in Melbourne=D