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35 Things Australians Are Doing Completely And Utterly Wrong

Sit down, Australia. We need to talk.

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10. Making fun of New Zealanders by saying "fush and chups".

Instagram: @itslovejess

Why it's wrong: A much better way to piss off NZ is to claim we invented all their cultural icons.

11. Putting tinned beetroot in salad sangers.

Instagram: @elaineloveshealthy

Why it's wrong: Its sickly sweet flavour overpowers everything in a 1 kilometre radius.


14. Drinking Pasito rather than Passiona.

Instagram: @moushmiene

Why it's wrong: Passiona is objectively better.

15. Eating Samboy chips rather than Smiths.

Instagram: @bruce_mate

Why it's wrong: Smiths are objectively better.


17. Skimping on sunscreen.

Peter Dutton / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik /

Why it's wrong: The Cancer Council says most of us don't use enough sunscreen to get adequate protection. You need to put on "at least a teaspoon for each limb, front and back of the body and half a teaspoon for the face, neck and ears".


21. Dacking your mates so hard you pull down their undies too.

Instagram: @joeagius

Why it's wrong: "Double-dacking" is against the International Dacking Code of Conduct.


34. Mowing the lawn on Saturday morning.

Instagram: @foreveraiden

Why it's wrong: It's actual torture for the people with a hangover in the sharehouse next door.

35. Not mixing Milo properly.

Instagram: @nicole131989

Why it's wrong: Because dissolving Milo with a little hot water first makes for a smoother, more satisfying beverage.