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18 Surreal "Star Wars" Scenes From A Galaxy Not So Far Away

Artist Thomas Dagg has found unique and subtle way to incorporate Star Wars into seemingly ordinary modern scenes.

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"The series is actually an homage to my childhood. I used my prized possessions/toys from back then to composite into scenes and situations that I vividly remember imagining as a kid," Dagg told BuzzFeed.


"I really wanted to convey the beauty of the uninhibited imagination of a child. The Star Wars original trilogy (cough… the only trilogy… cough) was the first major creative spark that eventually inspired me to head down the road to becoming a professional in the creative industry."


"I wanted to pay tribute to the movies and the power they had over me at that young age and so this photo series was born. After two years of working between commissioned photo gigs, I’m left with 18 deeply personal images that represent a rather large influence on my life."

See more of Dagg's work on his website and more about his Star Wars project here.

H/T 99 percent Invisible.

May the force be with you.



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