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    If We Talked About Politics Honestly

    "You gave me muffins, so I'm gonna pretend I don't think you're a monster."

    Politics are so ~in~ right now. But what would happen if people were honest about what they were thinking when arguing about political candidates?

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    When you and your S.O. both hate the same candidate, you're thinking "fuck yes!" because everyone knows that those who hate together, stay together.

    Sometimes, you’re not well-informed, but it feels good to get fired up.

    Or your newsfeed controls your political views.

    If the candidate has a fun slogan, sometimes that's all that matters.

    Arguing about politics at brunch is awkward, so when things get too weird circle back to your mutual hate for someone.

    Oftentimes you want your party to win so badly, you're willing to support literally anyone that's running.

    Most of the time, you're just waiting for your turn to talk and hoping you don't forget to breathe.

    Lots of times, these discussions are a battle of the generations.

    BuzzFeed Video
    BuzzFeed Video

    Tbh, no one feels like they can relate to each other.

    And when saying all the political jargon you know doesn't work, it's time to just start yelling.

    Which is just way too much effort. Might as well go back to scrolling through Instagram.