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Limited Edition/Designer Disney Dolls Ranked Best To Worst

Since 2009, the Disney Store has been on an awesome kick of making beautifully done dolls, there are the 17" LE Dolls made to usually promote the film coming out or the Rerelease of a film on Blu-Ray and DVD and then there's their Designer Collection. This list is ranking all the dolls that have came out between 2009- 2014. Updated as of 9/29/14 All photos came from this Facebook Page

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11. Merida

........... I HATE this movie. I really do with a burning passion, ask anybody who knows me. But I can't deny a great design or a well made doll when I see one and this one had wonderful detail and thought put into every inch.

34. Maleficent

Ranking this one was a challenge, partially because she looks like a fabulous diva pop superstar and partially because... She looks like a fabulous diva pop superstar.... You see the dilemma with the design on the doll.

38. Designer Mulan and Shang

This one bothers me because the idea of this series is to recreate a special moment for the couples, I wish she was in her turquoise and black getup from the end of the movie, but we can't always get what we want can't we Disney?

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