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Disney Princesses Ranked From Underrated To Overrated

Some Disney Princesses are praised a perfect amount, while there are some that are getting too much attention or not enough at all.

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Princess Tiana- The Most Underrated

When Princess and the Frog came out it got people talking. Not only is Tiana a trailblazer for being the first African American Princess, but she was the first princess to independently have jobs and dedication to pursue a realistic career, I get that not every little girl dreams of having a business and they'd rather have the sparkly gown but I had hopes that Tiana would inspire them to come up with realistic goals. She also gave me hope that Disney would start a trend of making their popular line of Princesses more culturally and racially diverse! What did we get after this? Four consecutively white freckled CGI chicks.

Mulan- The Very Underrated

I think she was put in this place for two reasons. The franchise Disney Princess is geared towards little girls. Granted people of all ages still buy Disney Princess products and go to Disney Princess movies, but the problem is Mulan is really only appreciated with the generation that grew up with her. For example, when I go to Disney World, I make videos for my niece of the princesses saying hi to her. One was Mulan but when I would scroll through my phone to show her Mulan she would switch it to find either Ariel or Snow White. Besides the generation gap, it's this annoying "controversy". People bitch about how she's a Disney Princess but she's not a technical princess. Major eye roll. The Disney Princess line isn't necessarily all royalty, as you could tell by the absence of Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron and Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The line is actually just consisting of female leads between the ages of 14-21 whose respectful films did well at a certain degree box office wise and critically. Mulan fits in that category for being a revolutionary character.

Princess Jasmine- The Only Kind of Underrated

Is it because she's a bitch? Is it because she doesn't have a sparkly poofy dress? Is it because she's not the main character? No. She's well respected in the community and mostly everyone seems to love her. Her fan base may not be as strong as her processors Ariel and Belle but she's a decently liked character. She doesn't appear as much in merchandise as she used to but wait until the Diamond Edition of Aladdin rolls around.

Snow White- The Artistically Appreciated

As time goes on, Snow White will always be loved by all generations. We should be thankful for this girl for being the pioneer princess and for being the reason we love the idea of true love and dreaming. A lot of people appreciate the legacy of this film the most, being the first animated feature film of all time.

Belle- The Rightfully Acclaimed

In my opinion Beauty and the Beast is the PERFECT Disney Movie. It emulates the classic fairy tale films such as Snow White and Cinderella, with the big musical sequences like The Little Mermaid, with a strong message behind if and of course an amazing leading lady. I think it's perfectly acceptable to love Belle, she's the kind of Princess you actually wish you could be, someone strong, smart, and with a heart of gold who can see the potential in others. If someone thinks she or her film is overrated in anyway they're just sour sour bitches.

Ariel- The Fanboy Favorite

(Deep breaths)..... Okay anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm in love with this girl, I have a huge collection and even a tattoo... I shouldn't really say much and I'm going to do my best not to be biased. This movie is really the reason Disney still exists today, let's be real here. It's one of the best movies. Ariel is a tricky subject because there's people like me who adore her for being a free spirit whos willing to risk whatever to achieve her dreams and find her place in life... And then there's people like this:

Ariel is the tip of the iceberg leaning into overratedness because of criticism like this and it kills me to put her there. But she is still rightfully appreciated, maybe one too many sequels and a broadway show that was...good...

Rapunzel- The Carbon Copy of Ariel

When the first trailer of Tangled came out, I'm sure a majority of people rolled their eyes. And web but came out we grew to love Rapunzel and still do today, I love her too however I think she's a little to current and I feel like in 20 years she might not get much attention, but for now she's one of the more popular princesses and the first CGI or what I like to call the middle finger to Tiana.

Cinderella- The Rating Ringleader

People like to say she's the leader of the Disney Princesses. And I guess that makes sense. In any good group heist movie you always need the brains (Belle), the brawn (Mulan), the bitch (Jasmine), the wildcard (Pocahontas), and the leader that doesn't really do anything, which is Cinderella. We can't deny how classic she is and she is what most people first think of when we hear Disney Princess. Her story is a good tale of Karma, I'll give it that. But put her next to Ariel, Belle, and Tiana and she's like a piece if bread, and yet people buy her products.

Elsa- The Depressing Diva

When I say depressing it's because of the fact that she's actually barely in the movie. Yes we get it, "Let it Go" is the best song in the world, I learned that from YouTube. I was astounded to know about how much craziness this film had caused. My friend who works at the Disney Store tells my horror stories about moms physically fighting over Elsa's dress. But why? I understand the whole idea of her being born different and struggling with her powers, and maybe I'd sympathize more if she got more screen time and we came to understand her more. Sure I love Frozen and Elsa is one of my favorites but when it comes down to it I do believe that the hype over Frozen Is way too much.

Anna- The Awkward Carbon Copy of the Carbon Copy of Ariel.

Yes we love Anna. She's quirky, she's funny, she loves her family and has a heart of gold and is willing to stand up for what she believes in. Just like Rapunzel and Ariel.

Merida- The Irritating Famewhore

I think I've made it clear in most media I write in but I DESPISE Brave. I've tried three times to like it and every time it got worse. What really annoys me is all the attention the protagonist Merida got for how "independent" she is...even though the plot is about how she needs her mother... I get it, your mother is always there for you and there's a special bond between mother and child, so why not ADVERTISE that that's what the movie is about instead of making us believe we were going to see a story about a young woman overcome her fears and come out in top. When the movie starts I already hate her because she's a show off trying to be all "hey boys I don't need a man and I can do whatever you can do better!", the worst was when people took that as the message if the movie. People give Ariel shit for running away from her family because she wanted to go where she's always wanted to go aka what most 18 year olds do after graduating high school, Merida buys a potentially POISONOUS cake from some crazy old bitch and tries to force feed it to her mother to get what she wants.

Another thing that drives me nuts is that this movie won awards over Paranorman and Wreck-It-Ralph. Stupid.

But I can go on for hours about why this one infuriates me but I won't. Enjoy your Princess Pixar.

Princess Aurora- The Most Overrated

If you were surprised to see her at this spot you better think. Sure she's got the blond hair, sparkly gold crown, pretty pink dress and a handsome prince who stays a dragon and wakes her with a kiss, she's the iconic image of a classic princess aka basic bitch. First of all Sleeping Beauty Is a Fantastic and beautiful movie... About the fairies. Yes. The main characters of the movie are absolutely Maleficent and the three good fairies. Aurora is in the movie for not even 18 minutes and she has the personality of Miss Mannequin of 1955. Sure she's beautiful and iconic but the fact that Disney markets her insanely baffles my mind. But it shouldn't because she's exactly what the brand is: Disney Princess. People buy her products because she's the physical idea of what a princess is therefore it makes more sense to the average consumer to buy products with her as oppose to Mulan or Pocahontas who don't necessarily fit the description that Aurora fits into. And that's why our basic society sucks...

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