22 Times Stassi Schroeder Was Literally The Best Person To Ever Grace The Reality TV Screen

    Let's face it, it gets no better.

    1. When she made her triumphant return to Vanderpump Rules.

    2. When she didn't hesitate to speak her mind.

    3. When she clearly had her priorities in order.

    4. When she let people know that if you fuck with her champagne, you fuck with your life.

    5. When she had no problem handing someone their ~just desserts~.

    6. When she faced the problem we all face at one point or another.

    7. When she declared her birthday a national holiday.

    8. When she went out and instantly regretted it.

    9. When she ~politely~ told her friends to worry about the more important things in life.

    10. When she finally realized her true potential.

    11. When she had a feeling as to how the night was going to go.

    12. When she subtly let everyone know she was not one to be fucked with.

    13. When she had no problem making the conversation all about her.

    14. When she was waiting on her date, but already knew how it was going to end up.

    15. When she let her friends know they needed to cheer the fuck up.

    16. When she let Scheana know the hierarchy of the group.

    17. When she was the kid in all of us after we got scolded.

    18. When she got as excited as we all do when there's a fight brewing on the 'gram.

    19. When she let her friends know who wouldn't be getting a drink with them anytime soon.

    20. When she looked in the mirror and had the confidence we all wished we had at some point.

    21. When she really didn't have time for the bullshit.

    22. And finally, when she knew who was right. Always.

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