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17 Fitness Models You Need To Be Following On Instagram Like Now

I'm suddenly in the mood to work out.

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1. Alex Turner

Instagram: @alexmichaelturner

Alex is a VPX Elite athlete, Icon Meals ambassador and personal trainer. He's also basically covered in tattoos and we're here for it.

2. Mike Chabot

Instagram: @mikechabotfitness

Mike hails from Canada, where he offers personal training and ~collaborations.~

3. Nick Cheadle

Instagram: @nickcheadlefitness

Nick is a professional bodybuilding competitor from Australia, and is an Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete. He most definitely never skips leg day.

4. Zac Smith

Instagram: @zacsmithfitness

Zac is also from Australia, where he offers personal training and is a 1Up Nutrition sponsored athlete. He's also like 7 feet tall.

5. Vinny Lawdenski

Instagram: @chenzolorenzo

Aside from being completely ~hilarious~, Vinny is a self-certified Taco Bell enthusiast, living in LA, where he offers personal training as well.

6. Jerdani Kraja

Instagram: @jerdani__kraja

Jerdani Kraja is a FATE sponsored athlete living in San Diego. He also thinks he's as attractive as we do.

7. Jeremy Buendia

Instagram: @jeremy_buendia

Jeremy Buendia is a 3X Mr. Olympia Physique champion living in LA. He is an EVOGEN sponsored athlete and a Fit™BetterBodies™ brand ambassador.

8. Dan Rockwell

Instagram: @danrockwellfitness

Dan Rockwell is also a 1Up sponsored athlete living in Phoenix.

9. Chris Elkins

Instagram: @chris_elkins

Chris Elkins is a WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder living in Southern California.

10. Pietro Boselli

Instagram: @pietroboselli

Probably the most notable person on this list, Pietro used to be a math teacher, but you probably already knew that.

11. Nathan McCallum

Instagram: @isnathan

Nathan McCallum is an avid fitness enthusiast, fashion blogger and photographer.

12. RJ Portales

Instagram: @rjportales

RJ Portales is a former Army Captain and fashion model living in LA.

13. Caleb Valentine

Instagram: @calebvalentinefit

Caleb Valentine is an Alpha Clothing Co. sponsored athlete living in Oklahoma. I wonder if he'll be our ~Valentine.~

14. Danny Jones

Instagram: @dannyjonesfitness

Yes, it's Tree Man him self, Danny Jones. He's a 1st Phorm sponsored athlete and personal trainer.

15. Michael Vasquez

Instagram: @michaelcvazquez

Michael Vasquez is a Performixdriven sponsored athlete living in Southern California. He also works out with his son all the time and it's pretty adorable.

16. Tyler James

Instagram: @itsmetylerjames

Tyler James is an actor and a model. He was in Fifth Harmony's music video for their song "Flex" last year.

17. Daniel Zigler

Instagram: @danzbeard

Daniel Zigler is a Natural Olympia Champion and personal trainer. He also has the beard to end all beards.

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