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    Posted on Jul 18, 2011

    Why There Will Be No Mass Exodus From Facebook To Google+

    Within the burgeoning Google+ community there's a fringe movement to abandon one's Facebook profile, leaving an "I've moved" message. But you might not want to completely close your Facebook account just yet.

    There Is No Such Thing As Google+ Connect Yet

    If you're one of the lucky folks to snag up a beta invite for Spotify US then you've no doubt noticed how prominent the "Connect To Facebook" button is.

    Indeed, connecting Spotify to my Facebook account revealed that 25 of my Facebook friends also have playlists they've shared through Spotify. But there's no option yet for me to discover how many of my G+ friends (*ahem* Circled people) are on Spotify.

    Most of my favorite sites like,, and yes, even BuzzFeed make signing up a breeze by using Facebook Connect.

    Facebook isn't the only site making your profile into a one-size fits all login. Twitter's own authentication is also widely available on many 3rd party sites. So far, Google hasn't yet revealed any such feature for +.

    Google has made no mention about the possibility of a "Sign In With Google+" feature for 3rd party developers, and has been fairly hush-hush about when the Google+ API will even be made available.

    Even though the most zealous among Google+ early adopters are calling it quits for Facebook, I'll be keeping my profile at least until Google decides they release this all-too-important feature.