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    What If Friday Never Ends?

    Is there nowhere to go from here? Has it all been done? NO. There’s a lot of untrodden Friday territory that people could be covering!

    • Last Friday (two weeks after my own Friday epiphany) the collective internet was graced by the presence of Rebecca Black; the internets adopted kid-sister. Belting out her siren song, eschewing convention with her avant garde nasal-singing technique, Ms. Black captivated us all with Friday.

    • Now, I know you've seen the original, the covers, the remixes, and all the images inspired by this masterpiece.

    • One of the most popular pieces of media thats been mashed up with Friday so far is Friday, the 1995 film starring Ice Cube. In fact, there are 5 different Youtube videos based on the same premise, and at least three different images to my knowledge.

    • The juxtaposition of mid-90s LA ghetto aesthetic with new 21st century tween pop is a powerful combination, and the most obvious choice among aspiring mashup artists.

    • With so many people doing the same thing independent of one another, I have to ask...

    • Theres a lot of untrodden Friday territory that people could be covering.

    • If your dad was good at Photoshop...

    • If Friday Lasts Through April...

    • If Friday Lasts Through May

      The next Friday The 13th of 2011 comes in May, so you might want to hold on to this image for a little while.

    • If Friday Lasts Until November

      If this continues through to November well no doubt expect to see a Rebecca Black Friday Sale. From a marketing perspective Rebecca Blacks Friday on Black Friday is a match made in heaven.

    • I have a hunch that Friday's popularity will only increase until the point that Rebecca Black reveals her true self, the Norse goddess Freyja for whom the day was named. Freyja is often depicted riding a chariot pulled by cats, accompanied by her pet pig. If those aren't the markings of Internet Meme Divinity, then I don't know what is.

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