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The Most Hipster State In The US

While popular media has portrayed Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood as the home of the hipster, New York is only #2 in terms of overall "hipster" search volume. Who's #1?

Although Minnesota has less than 1/3rd the population of New York state, it leads the nation in searches for the term "hipster." Understanding why is easy.

The typical Williamsburg hipster is essentially trying to portray the appearance of a Minnesotan. Don't believe me?

Exhibit A: The Lumberjack Look

photo via twotaptrio

Exhibit B: Live Theatre

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The region is second only to New York City in live theater per capita and is the third-largest theater market in the U.S., supporting the Jungle, Mixed Blood, Skewed Visions, Penumbra theaters, the Brave New Workshop, Theater Latté Da and the Children's Theatre Company.

Exhibit C: Food Co-Ops and Farmers' Markets

Minnesotans have valued buying local produce before it was trendy.

Image via: LiveGreenTwinCities

Exhibits D-H: Bob Dylan, Prince, Soul Asylum, Hüsker Dü, Atmosphere

Exhibit I: Bike Obsession

Exhibit J: Juno

Remember Juno? Michael Cera and Ellen Page together in an indie twee fest? Yeah. That was set in Minnesota.


A hipster is just a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota because it's "more real," while genuine Minnesotans are exempt from the label.