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    Meet Keats: The Most Eligible Forever Alone Bachelor

    Dating site prank victim becomes Internet heart-throb. Oh, and people had opinions about me too.

    • Last Friday's "Forever Alone: Involuntary Flash Mob" prank was small and understated, but the aftermath has been extraordinary.  As many have pointed out, I was highly visible in most photos of the event, and many mistook me for one of the unwitting victims of the prank. Out of singles' solidarity I was in no rush to make corrections. The irony of the fact that I also had nothing better to do on a Friday not was not lost on me. But I've just received a nice email from Vice apologizing for the mistake. As it turns out, Vice readers were quick to critique the so-called singles in the comments.  I was described thusly:
      "Dweebie half-rimmed glasses / grey hoodie looks like he masturbates to Princess Leia and/or female alien fantasy videos." But my friend in the fedora elicited other responses.

    • "The guy in the fedora was pretty hot Id go on a real date with him any day!" "Eager-beaver-fedora-guy I so would" "errrrrmmmm fedora guy is damn hot. which internet dating site is he on?"

    • Vice got back in contact with Fedora Guy AKA Keats, and asked him all kinds of personal questions that he seemed to have no reservations about answering. For more pics and Keats' answers, check out the full article HEY LOOK, ITS THAT FOREVER ALONE FEDORA GUY!