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    How To Get An Animated Twitter Avatar

    Most of the time animated GIFs don't work with Twitter. But F.A.T. Lab's Greg Leuch (creator of Shaved Bieber) has found a way.

    Easy Instructions

    1. Use to make an animated GIF and save to your computer. Jamie Dubs' "blah-blah-blah" idea is exceptionally good for this.

    2. Use Greg Leuch's easy automated resizing tool on or the uploader below:

    3. Download the resized image and upload to your Twitter profile!

    Advanced Instructions (How It Works)

    1. Find your imagery (or use to make an animated GIF and save to your computer).

    2.Import your animated GIF into Photoshop (details), or create your animation from still frames.

    3. Resize your image to a 48×48 dimension (the secret dimensions!).

    4. Save for Web as a GIF, tweak your colors, and save.

    5. Upload to your Twitter profile!

    More info on FAT Lab.

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