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Buzzfeed's Weekly Favorite 5 From Viral Video Chart

BuzzFeed has partnered with Unruly Media's Viral Video Chart! Here are our picks of the best overall viral videos from the last week! And be sure to check out the BuzzFeed Video Chart where you can see which videos posted to BuzzFeed are making the most noise!

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5. iPhone 5 Concept Features

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There is absolutely no reason to believe that anything seen here has anything to do with the iPhone 5. The CG conceptions in this video, such as the holographic display, are well beyond what's feasible in today's consumer handheld devices. And the physical design of the phone is closer to the 3 than the 4.

This is so far from convincing that it's sort of hilarious how it's gotten over 2 million Facebook Shares and over 8 million views in less than a week. Imagination is fun.


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Even if you're not necessarily into fashion, 100 years of anything in 100 seconds is an incredibly satisfying framework for a video. It's like fast-forwarding through history, with music and dance.


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This is not a concept video. This is a real, awesome, incredibly useful-looking alternative to the old Wacom tablet. It's easy to see why this video has nearly surpassed 1 million views only 3 days after being uploaded.


2. Say Something Nice

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Charlie Todd's Improv Everywhere set up a podium with a loudspeaker and a sign instructing people to "Say Something Nice."

Feeling good feels good. You feel me?

1. Human Slingshot Slip And Slide - Vooray

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I loved this video when I saw JP post it on Wednesday, and I'm happy to see it still climbing the Viral Video Chart today!