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The Latest Viral Dance Craze Will Make You F**king Mad

We've had the fire challenge, the ice bucket challenge. Challenges on challenges on challenges! But the latest one will have you questioning humanity... on why people are so GREAT. It's called #NowImMad.

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It all started when this video went viral

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I mean, friday is something to celebrate. No?

Then this happened!

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Now he's f*cking mad! Let's go! *dance break*

Here's one that tackles male impotence

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There's a one-stop shop compilation clip

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And now for the highlights reel!


Conclusion: When in doubt, dance it out.

Out of all the ridiculous viral trends on the internet, it's at least nice to see people letting out their frustrations in a healthily, HILARIOUS manner.

When in doubt, dance it out!

P.S. It's easy to join, yourself!

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Identify something in your life that's frustrating that you need to get off your chest. Then yell it. Right before the break down, make sure to say "Now I'm mad." Pause. Yell "Let's GOOOOOOO." Then dance your heart out!

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