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Top 5 Memes of 2009 (50 Pics)

Here are 5 of the top memes of 2009. Not all were originated in 2009, but were prevalent throughout the year (mostly)

Chris 9 years ago

Kids Giving The Finger (20 Pictures)

Nothing says fuck you like a kid giving you the bird. Here are 20 pictures of kids giving the one finger salute. Granted some of these are inadvertent and taken out of context, but who cares if they are all real anyway? Keep exploiting your children and posting the pics on Interwebs so we can keep laughing at them.

Chris 9 years ago

I Don’t Think I Want This Free TV

My TV has the Cartoon Network emblem burned into the bottom of it, this I don’t think I can live with…

Chris 10 years ago

15 Of The Most Viral Kid Videos On Youtube

Youtube and and other video sharing sites can make someone instantly famous. All you need is a camera, a computer, and a scene that will spark the interest of the millions that watch daily. What is the best way to fame on Youtube? Through a child. Here are 15 of the most viral kid videos on Youtube.

Chris 10 years ago