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    Real Women As Disney Princesses

    "I never saw myself in ONE Disney princess."

    We had a Disney illustrator create princesses based on four women who feel that they have yet to be represented in Disney movies. The results are fantastic!

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    Jazzmyne didn't feel represented by the Disney princesses we've had so far. "We need to have a princess that is maybe a little bit curvier — like a normal curvier!"

    As a Latina woman, Katherine never saw herself or her culture in these fairy tales, either.

    Francesca didn't feel represented by any Disney princesses, and when she told people that she was going to be redrawn as one, they jumped to conclusions about what that meant:

    Michelle was tired of being assigned a princess that didn't even accurately represent her. "Girls would always play Disney princesses and say, 'Oh, you're Belle, you're Cinderella' — and then just kind of assign Jasmine or Pocahontas to me."

    Then we had Disney illustrator John Ramirez talk to all of our participants and get to work!

    Here are the results! Jazzmyne wanted a princess who didn't marry a prince...but rather another princess.

    Princess Katherine lives in the waters off of Cuba.

    Francesca thought it would be cool to have a Filipino fairy princess that flies around the forests and jungles of the Philippines.

    And Michelle finally got to see an Indian princess.

    Great work, John! Now hopefully Disney can take it from here! ;)