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    The Truth About Diabetes: What Doctors Don't Tell You

    Most diabetic patients are clueless about how to reverse it, and many don't even realize that they can.

    How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes Permanently, Fix it and Reverse it!

    A new report by the CDC shows that by 2050, nearly 350 million people worldwide will be affected by Type 2 diabetes and nearly one-third of American adults will be diabetic.

    The reason? Fast food and obesity. Fast food eating and obesity leads to diabetes, and unfortunately America is now drowning in both.

    Another driving forces behind obesity and type 2 diabetes is excessive consumption of dietary fructose, which has adverse metabolic effects on your leptin, insulin, triglycerides, and ghrelin (the "hunger hormone") [1]

    Obesity is a tenacious problem but surgery is only a Band-Aid solution, albeit one that is growing in popularity. In the last decade alone, the rate of weight-loss surgeries performed each year in the United States has increased from 10,000 to 230,000. But how many of the 1.7 billion overweight can afford gastric bypass? And how many of those will regain the weight? [2]

    Most conventional medicine practitioners will tell you that diabetes is a chronic progressive that has no cure and you may need diabetes medications or insulin therapy to manage your blood sugar. [3]

    If you tend to believe in that statement from your doctor, then you are doomed to die in 5-10 years due to complications from your diabetes medications.

    What Doctors Don't Tell You

    Diabetes is an entirely 100% preventable and reversible lifestyle disease if it is caught early and managed through lifestyle intervention and nutritional support. In many cases even later stage diabetes can be reversed with very intensive lifestyle changes, medications and supplements.

    A groundbreaking new study from England showed unequivocally that people with advanced Type 2 diabetes, when the pancreas has lost its oomph and the insulin-producing (beta) cells are damaged, can reverse the course of the disease in just one week by optimizing dietary strategies, such as eating low-glycemic foods and by staying on a low-calorie diet. (5)

    You won't hear this from mainstream medicine -- which ridiculously claims there is no cure for diabetes -- because treating diabetics is just too darned profitable. Big Pharma is drooling over the profit potential of seeing one-third of Americans becoming diabetic by 2050. It will mean hundred of billions of dollars in annual profits.

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    [4] Lim EL, Hollingsworth KG, Aribisala BS, Chen MJ, Mathers JC, Taylor R. Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalisation of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver triacylglycerol. Diabetologia. 2011 Jun 9.

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