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    This Magikarp Photo Shoot Will Ruin Your Childhood

    Or maybe it will make your childhood

    Do you remember Magikarp? You know, the most WORTHLESS POKÉMON IN THE GAME'S HISTORY.


    You can't say he was that much of a catch in the television series either.

    The Pokémon Company International

    Well, a lot has changed since his inception. Magikarp has evolved into something you may not have been expecting or prepared for...


    Say hello to the fully evolved, fine AF sexy Magikarp of today.

    Dave Yang Photography / Via Facebook: DaveYangPhotography

    Just ask him about his splash attack now. Seriously, ASK HIM!

    John Jiao Photography / Via Facebook: JohnJiaoPhotography

    Sexy Magikarp made his debut at this year's Colossalcon, which was held at a waterpark resort in Sandusky, Ohio.

    Dave Yang Photography / Via Facebook: DaveYangPhotography

    "The idea originally came from the 'Do You Even Splash' meme," Sev Cosplay, the actual man behind the cosplay, tells BuzzFeed. "I wanted to make some sort of silly water-themed costume that would be water friendly and also comfortable to wear around all day."

    The cosplay was positively received by attendees of Colossalcon and still has online communities buzzing.

    Dave Yang Photography / Via Facebook: DaveYangPhotography

    "It's funny that one of the simplest costumes I've made ends up getting the most attention," he said.

    In addition to Magikarp, Sev has cosplayed as Zangeif from Street Fighter, Gamagori from Kill la Kill, and Bane from Batman.
    Obscure Vista

    "[Cosplay] is a challenging creative outlet for my general geekery," he says. "Every time I tackle a new costume I end up learning a ton. Sewing, woodworking, foam crafting, painting, wig styling: I didn't know any of these before starting cosplay."

    Sev's favorite part of cosplay is not just coming up with concepts, it's spending time with other cosplayers at conventions.

    John Jiao Photography / Via Facebook: JohnJiaoPhotography

    "For me, friendship and cosplay go hand in hand as most of the friends I am close with I met through cosplay," he says.

    Colossalcon may be the only appearance of sexy Magikarp for some time, but, there is still a possibility you'll see another Pokémon cosplay from Sev in the future.

    Sev Cosplay / Via Facebook: sevcosplay

    Here's hoping that one comes with a speedo too!

    If you want to keep up with Sev, you can like his Facebook page or follow his journey on Deviant Art.