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23 Secrets Baristas At Small Coffee Shops Won't Tell You

Yes, that's a macchiato.

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4. You can spot newbies by how they pronounce "espresso."

7. There aren't any uniforms, but you will wear flannel and a beanie at least three times a week.

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The vicious cycle of the self-perpetuated hipster stereotype is never-ending.

8. There is only one thing worse than getting scheduled to "clopen" a coffee shop...


10. Someone will always ask for dark roast because it's the "strongest."


The darker the roast the less caffeine. The guest is looking for a rounder, fuller taste. NOT STRENGTH.

11. In a given week, multiple guests will ask you for "extra hot" or if their drink can be microwaved.

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1) Oversteaming milk actually ruins the flavor of the coffee and texture of the milk.


12. Before your shift, you taste the coffee and come up with the weirdest descriptions when attempting to make them sound relatable.

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Yum. Tastes like a full-bodied barbecue with notes of cherry blossom.

16. When your latte art is subpar, there is always someone there to capture the moment on Instagram.


Yep...penis. Intentional? Maybe.

18. You have hand cream hidden under the register because you couldn't survive working the bar without it.


There's a lot of friction from pulling nobs all day...

22. When a customer wants you to make a macchiato the way Starbucks makes them, you lose a part of your soul.

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An ACTUAL macchiato is espresso with a little milk.

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