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    I Posed Like Ariana Grande On Her Cover And Started A Huge Internet Craze

    It was kind of a big deal.

    This is Jesse McLaren, and he totally started an internet trend involving Ariana Grande.

    Watch Jesse tell the story of how he started an internet trend!

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    Then he stumbled upon a discussion about Ariana Grande's outfit on the "My Everything" cover album.

    But Jesse was studying the photo for another reason.

    So he tried to recreate Ariana's pose by kneeling on a stool in front of a mirror.

    Jesse thought others might be interested in the hilarious pics of him trying to nail that pose, so he picked a couple of shots and posted them on Twitter and Instagram.

    After a couple of hours, he noticed his post on Instagram had taken off. It had over 45,000 likes!

    And then it happened. Ariana Grande herself chimed in.

    Then the whole thing went from being just a social media trend to straight up going viral. He was contacted by tons of shows, including Good Morning America and even one from Australia.

    To this day, Jesse said he hasn't seen anyone pose exactly how Ariana Grande did in that album cover successfully.