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    This Struggling Writer Thinks He Can Earn £10,000 For Charity... By Giving Money Away

    We're not sure how giving companies a thousand quid can lead to £10,000 for charity, but one Londoner thinks differently.

    This is Chris.

    Chris is a writer from London.

    Chris climbs walls,

    Explores deserts,

    And jumps out of planes.

    (In addition to being a bit camera-shy.)

    But the weirdest thing Chris does is give businesses £1,000.

    You see, Chris thinks he can be earning a skyscraping £100,000 salary, 100 days from now.

    And if he makes it, he'll donate £10,000 to educational charities this year.

    (He's always up for a challenge.)

    £100,000 sounds like a big salary target...

    ... but it's only three or four customers for a hardworking copywriter in this great city.

    And it pays better than writing fiction.

    (Which Chris also does a bit of.)

    When he needs work, Chris writes to 1,000 companies and "bribes" them to use his services.

    (Before you ask, he's abseiled off that one too.)

    Of those companies, about a dozen take the £1,000....

    ... while three or four become his clients as a result.

    But £1,000 is quite a lot to give away, isn't it? For the average Brit, it's like working a month and not getting paid for it.

    And surely it breaks minimum wage laws?

    But Chris thinks it's worth the risk. After all, it's for a good cause.

    (Especially since companies wanting his offer have to find him first.)

    (To save the trouble of looking, google "copywriter london". You'll find Chris on the first page of results.)

    Good luck, Chris!

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