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Seven Times I Wanted To Rage Quit Destiny

Not even my ghost can save me this time!

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7. Versing Laggers

Is there anything worse than facing another player that's lagging? No really? They glitch from spot to spot, unable to be killed and then boom! You're dead!

Alright, fine, maybe Hitler. But laggers are a close second!

6. Dealing with Noobs

Every player has to start somewhere, but doing a raid with new players that don't follow directions or even care about dying is blood boiling. Normally these are the same ones that get caught by Gorgons in the Vault of Glass or summon the oversoul in Crota's End.

That sentence makes me feel like I should go outside more.

5. Spawning In To A Losing Side

I don't mind a challenge but starting a match halfway through on a team getting their asses kicked is never fun. Especially when you don't get anything from it.

Of course, it's equally annoying when you lose half your team when you start falling behind.

4. When Other Players Get Better Loot

I might just throw my controller when players who did very little are rewarded with awesome loot after raids, strikes and arena matches, while you're left with only a rare chest piece. Especially when it just happens to be that one item you've spent the last week trying to get.

What? No! I'm not crying. My eyeballs are just sweaty!

3. Connectivity Issues

This one can be out of everyone's control sometimes, but nonetheless, when you're taken back to orbit mid mission due to connection problems and lose your progress, I get madder than a Fallen captain on Venus. Which is pretty damn mad.

2. Needing Xur For A Bounty

It's guaranteed that if I ever need Xur to finish a bounty then it will be a Monday. Why does that matter? Oh, it just means almost a whole week to wait before he appears in the tower again.

Plus the bounty's going to sit there taking up valuable space. Argh!

1. Annoying Guardians

The ultimate, most annoying thing possible in Destiny is having to work with annoying players. It's almost surprising how many players are completely delusional about their own gaming abilities, yet are totally condescending to everyone.

We're talking players who complain all the way through raids about others who fall behind, only to accidentally fall into a pit themselves. Or insist they know a secret route through the Vault that gets everyone lost. They're also the ones who like to bark orders during a crucible match yet get killed at every turn (which is never their fault of course!).

The only thing that eases the pain is the satisfaction when a Fire Team Leader sends their ass back to orbit.

Bye Felicia.

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