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    24 Things You Miss When You Leave A Scottish Island

    "Nice house." "Thanks, I built it myself."

    1. Getting postcards like this.

    Tom Morton / Via Twitter: @thebeatcroft

    It doesn't matter if someone doesn't have your address: The postman will track you down anyway.

    2. The spectacular sights and sounds on your doorstep.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Chris Combe

    The sound of the sea and smell of the salt air is definitely good for the soul. The smell of Chicken Cottage and traffic noise? Not so much.

    3. The wee breaks you get – and the friendly chats – when you have to pull up in a passing place.

    Richard Szwejkowski / Via Flickr: 68112440

    You also get to admire the lovely view. You can't do that in a city, mainly due to the two lane roads, and also the fact that the view is usually: "Nando's - Pret - Nandos."

    4. Having your very own Cheers experience every time you go to the pub.

    Shetland Arts / Via Flickr: shetlandarts

    Want to go "where everybody knows your name?" Just head to your local. They're always glad you came... unlike most city centre Wetherspoons.

    5. And this often means a never-ending supply of drinks are bought for your table.

    6. Showing up at a big night out wearing this.

    7. The sense of history.

    Flickr: shadowgate / Creative Commons

    There's something to be said for living somewhere that's been constantly occupied for over 5,000 years. Did your great-great (x 100) grandfather build this stone circle? Possibly.

    8. Always being able to see the horizon.

    Flickr: catrionasavage / Creative Commons

    Note the calming lack of high rises and ASDA Superstores.

    9. That magical moment when the sun finally comes out. / Creative Commons

    We might only get one day of summer, but we certainly make the most of it. City types will never know the joy of trying to pretend 10° is "ice-cream weather".

    10. Living in a home your relatives built.

    11. The feeling that if you shout; no-one is going to hear you.

    Flickr: eljambere / Creative Commons

    Not in a scary Alien tag line way, in a "isn't it amazing to feel so free" way.

    12. The roar of the motor as you head to the mainland.

    13. The close bond you have with your neighbours.

    14. The low crime rate.

    Flickr: alancleaver / Creative Commons

    "What is this? Does the thing go in the hole?"

    15. Being able to go for weeks without a trip to Tesco. / Creative Commons

    Marion's shop has everything you need: Apart from a door, obvs.

    16. The unique, amazing food.

    17. Having this as your swimming pool.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Chris Combe

    London: You can keep your lidos.

    18. Being able to take your time.

    19. Watching tourists freak out over the place names. / Creative Commons

    Yeah, there's Twatts in Shetland and Orkney. So what? name originates from the Old Norse þveit, meaning "small parcel of land" STOP SNIGGERING.

    20. The unique traditions.

    You haven't lived until you've experienced the Kirkwall ba' game. Who needs 5-a-side when you could have 205-a-side?

    21. The excitement of a mainland band playing on your island.

    22. The friendly faces.

    23. The small talk.

    Flickr: willowherb / Creative Commons

    You can't pop to the shops without having ten separate conversations about the weather, Uncle Jim's leg and the price of cheese. And it's great.

    24. And above all, the feeling that yes – this is your home.

    Flickr: peteandlynne / Creative Commons

    And it's where you'll always belong.

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