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    20 Horrifically Painful Toys Parents Step On In The Middle Of The Night

    If your worst Play-Doh fear is getting it smushed into the carpet, you've never stepped on a dried shard of the stuff before...

    20. Letter Magnets.


    Letter magnets never stay on the fridge where they're supposed to. One false step on a rogue 'M' and you'll find yourself on a trip to wipeout city.

    19. Squishy toys.


    A cute and squishy toy in a darkened room feels an awful lot like a small rodent underfoot. The toy itself might not hurt, but the injuries sustained as you desperately try to escape certainly do.

    18. Lincoln logs.

    Sure they're rounded, but if you catch one of those grooves, life will become very bleak.

    17. Imaginext Characters.

    Hard, thick plastic that doesn't give an inch? It will only bring you pain.

    16. Dry Play-Doh.


    If your worst Play-Doh fear is getting it smushed into the carpet, you've never stepped on a dried shard of the stuff before.

    15. Small cars and trucks.

    Pointy metal edges and wheels are a bad combination.

    14. Metal airplanes.

    "I will CUT you."

    13. Wooden trains.

    Thomas, he's the painful one...

    12. Tops.


    It doesn't matter which part of a top you step on. This thing will mess you up.

    11. Wooden train tracks.

    Thomas and his gang are bad, but you'll be hobbling for days if you hit a piece of track in just the right spot.

    10. Plastic gears.

    Not only do they look like medieval torture devices, they feel like medieval torture devices.

    9. Plastic jewelry.

    Make sure you know where the bandages are, because cheap party bag bling easily cracks under pressure and will fillet your foot.

    8. Wooden blocks.


    There is no way that stepping on a small square block could have a happy ending.

    7. Green army men.


    Pretty sure this is how they dig so deeply into your flesh.

    6. Plastic animals.

    Don't let these barnyard babies fool you. They're smaller and harder than green army men, with hooves that will haunt your dreams for years to come.

    5. A marble.


    While a bunch of marbles rolling around on your feet might sound soothing, a single marble in your arch is hell on Earth.

    4. Barbie shoes.


    How can something so small be so painful?

    3. Jacks.


    The one purpose of a jack is to lie in wait until it can embed itself in your foot.

    2. Angry Bird blocks.


    If you want to bring a parent down, leave out these brown blocks. We're talking excruciating pain. They almost received the top spot, but everybody knows what the true face of evil looks like...

    1. Legos.


    OMFG. Broken bones, childbirth, and even the agony of a file folder cut don't hold a candle to the misery of a Lego brick in your foot.

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