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    12 Parents Who Need To Work On Their FaceTime Technique

    Parents and technology: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. This parent who aims high.

    2. This parent who has obviously fallen over.

    3. This dad who is showing the caller his earwax.

    4. This parent who can't help but show off her fuzzy hat.

    5. This mom who flawlessly matched her lipstick to her nails.

    6. This mom who still insists on playing peek-a-boo.

    7. This parent who is trying to emulate Peter Capaldi's eyebrow shot.

    8. This parent who is one sniff away from inhaling her loved one.

    9. This parent who is ready for their close-up.

    10. This parent who is just so gosh-darn excited to be on a video call.

    11. This mom who doesn't quite understand the concept of "face" time.

    12. And our last parent, who gave me the inspiration for this list. Cheers, Dad.

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