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    • chrisb131

      Science as an institution is far more comfortable with not having answers to everything. Religion is entirely founded upon the opportunity to make people think that there are answers to everything. Hence, some of the ridiculous fairytales that are evident in the holy books of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. Think a little before you type sir. Your conflation of love and sex is also laughable. The argument self-destructed the moment you said love is based on communication and respect. If that is so, let gay people have open relationships founded on communication and respect. If you genuinely believe that heterosexuals can demonstrate such an ideal example of love in the 21st century you need to start observing the world a little closer. The whole western world seems entirely incapable of distinguishing lust from love regardless of their sexual orientation. And, as a little end note, the theory of relativity is not all that complicated. Go and read about it for a while and save yourself from looking so utterly moronic when you post online.

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