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How To Do Humor Like Jessica Huang

Or, how to be a mom like Jessica Huang in 8 steps

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Despite the criticism left and right, Fresh off the Boat has maintained popularity because it works. So many people watch Fresh off the Boat and love their representation of culture and cultural perspectives, but even if you don't connect with each and every opinion, you still have to admit it's hilarious.

At the center of the fun is Jessica Huang, mother extraordinaire. Here are eight ways Jessica shows us how to do humor.

1. Master your sarcasm.

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"Your father is right. This is why we left Chinatown in D.C. This is why we left our family and friends. This is why we left everything we know to come to a place where we know nothing and where the humidity is not good for my hair."

All humor has a purpose. Wait to bring in your sarcastic tone for an appropriate moment for the greatest effect.

In all seriousness, despite her abrasiveness, Jessica Huang is foremost a mom and she's always thinking of the children...*coughLouiscough*

2. Be prepared for some smooth wordplay.

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"You're all about the eggs."

Of course she has a comeback for every argument. No better way to shoot down the opposition than to remind them who's the boss. Respect your mother, son.

3. Be smart with your wordplay.

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"I hate it here! I want to go back to D.C."

Poop isn't just poop anymore, don't you get it, Eddie? (It's actually a metaphor about assimilating, cultural differences, tolerance, and trying things you've never thought of trying before.)

4. Don't forget those puns.

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"Well, Evan is not going to school today. His fat friend J.J. gave him string cheese."

Reach for academic excellence in casual punning and you, too, can be as smooth as Jessica.

5. Create and maintain your jokes.


"I miss our family and friends in Washington, D.C. And Eddie's having a hard time at school and Evan is lactose intolerant and Emery…well, Emery's doing surprisingly well. "

Just like the poops, hair isn't just hair anymore. Instead it's all things family, like "The children don't like Orlando, Florida and I don't like Orlando, Florida and my hair doesn't like Orlando, Florida".

Inside jokes can be subtle or explicit, but like cleaning after your pet and getting your hair trimmed, you have to maintain it over time.

6. But know when to be nice.

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Mean humor isn't funny. And in this case, family means no body gets left behind. For all that Jessica and Eddie clash, they have one of the closest bonds in the show.

7. But not too nice.

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Because you're a critic and you've mastered irony too well to let your taste go to waste. There has to be a limit somewhere.

8. Be Jessica Huang.

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Although you may have to admit there can only be one.

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