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    • Chocorama

      Any so-called journalist or media entity (Lee’s is a public “charity”) who doesn’t disclose his/her funding sources is suspicious. Lee should disclose all his funding sources so the world can judge whether or not he really is independent. Many suspect he’s really not independent. Look closely at which issues and countries he never writes about and which sides he has taken on certain issues. When you do that, it becomes pretty clear who could be supporting him…

    • Chocorama

      To the “great” Murray Kempton:  1) Yes, many reporters in the UN press corps are not serious journalists. But there are a dozen or so excellent reporters and Lee is NOT one of them. He’s the worst thing to hit the UN press corps since bed bugs. 2) Your assertion that “He has broken more stories than the Turtle Bay reporters for the world’s leading news organizations” is false and based on a myth that Lee himself is propogating. He broke a few minor things years ago but the big UN news is broken by the Washington Post, NYT and some of the wires and it’s been that way for years. Just do a little research and don’t use ICP as your source when looking to see what news he’s broken.  3) Lee is a lousy reporter who is driven not by a desire to report the truth - as is the case with good journalists - but to get revenge on anyone who criticizes him. He claims to be for free speech but seeks to silence and intimidate anyone who calls him out on his lies and distortions. He’s a hypocrite. 4) He’s a health hazard as this Buzzfeed article illustrates nicely.

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