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    • chocoliciousdenver

      Here is my math. Veronica Mars grossed approximately $2.28 million since it opened (the $2,021,000 estimated by box office mojo and $260,000 from the fan event screening according to Jeff Goldstein). VOD information isn’t out yet, but the movie was #3 on iTunes, so I expect it to be decent. And then, since Kickstarter is a way to pre-sell things, those downloads should be considered as well, not “given away free” but rather worth $10 each (since that donation level was $35 and the t-shirt was $25) so that is $650,715. That puts Veronica Mars at about $3 million opening weekend without considering VOD or international viewings.
      Estimating rewards fulfillment costs, the limited amount of advertising, about $300,000 in filming costs, and the cost of renting the theaters (which I assume they got a better deal than the average Joe, where I have seen quoted 1k per screen). I assume WB is actually only in this for around $3 million, MAYBE $4 million. They get 100% of the ticket prices, and probably between 65% and 75% of downloads and rentals. It wouldn’t surprise me if the weekend numbers, including everything, are above $5 million. So by my math they have already broken even and everything else is gravy.

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