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7 Ways To Save Major Money On Your Grocery Bill

Seems like we're all on a budget these days, so here are some tips on how to save some cash. Ever gotten home to realize you bought an unnecessary number of chocolate bars? Like, 17 chocolate bars? This post was specifically made for you...

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1. Get Groceries Delivered to Your Doorstep

Peapod, Safeway, Fresh Direct, etc. You can sort the list you are looking at to show the lower priced items first (it even shows the cost per ounce). Oh, and shipping is cheap and can even be FREE. DO IT (I've done it and it's awesome).

3. Bring a Calculator to the Grocery Store

Calculate which carton of, let's say yogurt, is cheaper per ounce. Here’s a totally likely (and easy math) scenario: There is a 16oz carton for $3 and a 32oz carton for $5. Which one do you choose?

4. Make a Grocery List and Always Keep it Handy

Keep a grocery list on your phone (there’s an app for that), email or text yourself when something pops into your head, tape a sheet of paper onto your fridge door along with a pen. Add to it throughout the week and remove items that you don't really want anymore. When it comes time for shopping you have a complete list ready and ONLY get those items!

7. Buy Food Online = LIFESAVER … and there are plenty of sites that are just like it that offer free shipping ( is great too). Buying groceries online is cheaper because you avoid the extra cost that the grocery store tacks on (to pay for rent, utilities, etc).

Buying in bulk is also cheaper and lasts you a longer time.

Amazing personal story: A small container of protein powder was $10 cheaper online… and if you’re like me and like both chocolate and vanilla flavors, then you just saved $20 in one sitting. Yes, sitting, because you get to sit around and shop rather than push around a shopping cart.

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