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If We Were Honest At The Gynecologist

I shaved my entire vagina for this.

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Going to the gynecologist is experience. And for anyone who's been legs-up in the gyno stirrups, this video will feel just a little too real:

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For starters, after the nurse comes in you always have an uncomfortable amount of time in the examination room. This gives you a few extra minutes to think about every single mistake you've ever made!

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And the doctor will always give that light courtesy knock, like they aren't about to see you naked anyway.

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If we actually got real about all the WebMD-ing we do before our visit, things would get so real, so quick.

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Instead of pretending we know what we're at risk for sexually, we could just go ahead and say we're pretty damn clueless.

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And lordt, you know you don't wanna know what your doctor's really thinking.

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Finally, we'd be totally upfront about the fact that we care more about what our gynos think than most people we're sleeping with.

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