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8 Things You'll Miss About Living With Your College Roommates


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There's nothing better than living with your best friends. And although you may not realize it right now, when you leave college for the big bad world that is "adulthood," you'll miss the fuq outta your roomies and built-in best friends:

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1. You'll miss that platonic physical affection and having someone to talk to all the time, about literally anything.

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2. And you'll REALLY miss them when you run out of TP and need someone to help ya out.

Could you spare a square?

3. You'll miss ditching other plans because eating pizza and drinking wine with them is better than any possible party.

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4. And you'll miss having someone to help you analyze your crush's texts... or in some cases, save you from yourself.

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5. You'll miss Internet stalking someone that one of you is dating.

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6. Or lying in bed hungover AF together.

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7. You'll miss being so comfortable with someone, that you basically have zero boundaries when it comes to common space.

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8. And most importantly, you'll miss them being there at the end of a really shitty day.

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