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Reasons Why Glee 100 Made Us 'Happy'

100 episodes, 100 assignments, 100 thousand emotions...

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So Glee's One-Hundredth Episode aired last night...

And it was a roller coaster of emotions

And here's just a few reasons why...

1. All our favourites are back!!

Yes, that is Kristen Chenoweth... so not only are the originals back in the game, but we have...

2. Awesome Guest Cast that we LOVE

Hola Clase!

3. Redone Arrangements of Our Favourite Numbers

Hi Unholy Trinity! (Could this be more sexy? Answer: No.)

4. Including the tear jerking 'Keep Holding On'

Which threw us all the way back to Season One with that amazing choreography and all our little Quick moments. Speaking of which...

5. Old Couples Revisited!

So we couldn't have Finchel, but Quick has been there since the beginning, with Brittana following shortly behind. Makes sense to have them there at episode 100.

6. Plus! Complimentary Chace Crawford!

Two hot guys for Quinn... aaand FIGHT!

7. Which meant dumpster hopping for Biff!

Thank you Puck! (not that we didn't love Chace's cameo, but a soulmate is a soulmate)

8. Because Puck and Quinn are soulmates (finally)


9. Meanwhile, Mr Shue recognised the importance of Glee for ALL of us

Those are not fake tears msleamichele... when we say goodbye to Glee club, we say farewell to its leader also...

10. Finn (and Cory's) memory lives on...

We, the fans, have to that the cast and creative team for giving us these little hints of him and allowing us to grieve with you

11. And there were tons of throwbacks everywhere

Recognise this? Yeah, you've seen it before.

12. But the party isn't over yet

This is happening, NEXT WEEK on Glee, New Directions closes the story on the New Directions before the show moves permanently to New York

Excuse me whilst I grab my tissues. And re-watch 100 over and over and over again until next week... It was fantastic and Gleeful and nostalgic and just perfect.

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