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The 20 Stages Of Interviewing Graduates

A silly look at what we think are the 20 painful steps you'll go through when interviewing graduates!

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The 20 Stages Of Interviewing Graduates

So we've already talked through the 15 steps you went through to get all of your graduate CVs in your inbox in our last blog.

But now you actually have to decide who you want to interview. Cue another process in itself!

1- You check your inbox a week after advertising and you have approximately 103848596488569 CVs to read.

2. You ask your colleagues if they would mind giving you a helping hand and they're like

3. So you valiantly sort through the applications on your own

4- You manage to produce a shortlist, because you're totally awesome.

5- You might decide that it's best to try a telephone interview with them first.

6- Well that certainly got rid of some of the less promising candidates...

7- Now it's time to try and schedule them in for an interview

8- Stop putting it off....

9- Seriously Stop it.

10- When you finally get round to sending out the interview times, your inbox takes a battering once more.

11-Why can nobody make the time you suggested?

12- Finally, your diary is filled with interviews for the next week.

13- You've got your interview questions all meticulously planned.

14- You're going to ask them some really challenging things that will make them go.

15- Like ' Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?'

16- When the truth is you're not so sure yourself!

17- So you're in the interview room when suddenly the PERFECT candidate walks in.

18- All of their answers are exactly what you hoped for- you offer them the job.

19- They start and they're an asset to the company and your boss says you've done an amazing job.

20- Then your boss asks if you'd like to do it all again next year....

Want a little bit of help to make the process of interviewing graduates that little bit less stressful? Head over to our website and see if our online tools can make your life easier.

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