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Why Dancing It Out Is Important For Your Happiness

Everyone has those days, where everything bad that could possibly happen, happens. Your car breaks down, your boyfriend dumps you, and your teachers give you hours of homework on the weekend. Whatever it is, it happens to us all. There is a cure though for that overwhelmed, everything sucks, I can’t do it anymore days. Dance it out.

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First of all, nobody is watching you, so the phrase dance like no ones watching could not be more appropriate for this situation. You don’t have to worry about whose silently judging you, or what people think about your moves, just dance and let go.

You can listen to whatever guilty pleasures you want. Pick your all time favorite, and I mean favorite, songs and make a playlist

It could be your teen angst playlist from middle school, or 90’s Backstreet boys, Destiny’s Child, and Usher vibes. Maybe you’re more a Ja Rule or Ashanti type. Whatever it is, blast it.

Once you’re heart calms down, you might find yourself feeling better. When the music stops and you take a breath, you’ll realize you actually feel better.

I challenge you to try it out. Who knows, hopefully you’ll find yourself with a clear mind afterward.

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