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Annoying Things People Do In Public

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things that people do in public that they really shouldn’t. While in public, you should be aware of your surroundings, you never know whose there.

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1. People who look at their phones.

If you're looking down at your phone, you aren't watching where you are walking. I get it. You've been in class and haven't checked it for an hour, but pay attention! People are walking in front of you. I hate when people just walk straight in me. Just be aware of whose around you.

2. People who eat loudly.

If you're in a crowded restaurant, there is no need to chew loudly and spit your food all over the place. If I'm sitting a few tables over, I should not be able to hear you chewing. Be polite and close your mouth. It's a better habit for you to have, and also better for the people around you.

3. People who take up the entire sidewalk.

When the sidewalk is busy and everyone is attempting to get somewhere, it can be hectic. It doesn't help that you're staring at your phone, but you're ALSO taking up the whole sidewalk? I'm sorry. People have places to be. Pick a side and stick with it.

4. The Day-Dreamers

These are an easy spotting. When you're staring into space thinking about god knows what, you're not paying attention to your surroundings. I get it, sometimes people get caught up in their thoughts, but it is not the time or place to be an airhead. Keep your daydreaming for your bedroom sweetie, where you can dream about whatever fake life you've created for yourself.

5. People who walk super slowly.

Okay, this is the most annoying to me, especially on a college campus. You only have so much time to get to your next class, that's probably on the other side of campus. People who walk super slowly and do not pay attention are just ridiculous. I understand that you might not have anywhere to be, but other people do. Either move out of the way or pick up the pace.

6. People who don't hold the door.

If you see someone coming up directly behind you, hold the door. It's really not taking up too much extra time or effort. You're probably already holding the door. Do it for three extra seconds. It's just polite.

7. People who bump into you and don't apologize.

This is just the pits. When you bump into someone, even if it wasn't your fault, apologize. Sidewalks are chaotic and everyone is running around. Apologize and keep walking. It's not a big deal, it happens all the time. It's the courteous thing to do and you may make someone's day by being nice!

8. Couples who hold hands when the sidewalk is crowded.

I wouldn't know really why people do this, but its seriously annoying. If you're going to walk slowly, hand in hand, and take your coupley time, don't. Its fine if you want to show affection and be cute (yuck), but don't take up the entire walkway with your hands. They don't need room. I, on the other hand, a real person, do. So either get super close and make some room, or unlock those fingers and get out of my way.

9. People who scream on their cellphones.

Here's another tip. If I can hear you over my music, you're too loud. It's fine to talk on the phone, but I don't need to hear that you didn't get home until 4 am. I don't care. I just want to listen to my music and get to my destination. So unless you want my opinion, I don't need to hear it.

10. People who can't control their children.

Children in public are the worst. Any good parent should be able to control their offspring while in public. If you're out with your kids, be a good parent. Keep them in check, don't ignore them. I hate when I see parents at a restaurant drinking, while their kids are screaming and making a mess at the table. If you're kid can't be normal, leave them at home.

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