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11 Stages Of Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Can someone pass the gravy?

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1. Excitement / Via

Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait for dinner tonight!!

2. Anticipation / Via

I may or may not have walked past the oven 10 times to check if the turkey's ready..

3. Preparation / Via

Fat pants on. My body is ready.

4. Dinner Time / Via


5. Thinking you can go for seconds / Via

I'm not even full yet. Pass the mashed potatoes!

6. Thinking you have room for dessert / Via

Cut me a big slice, grandma. I love me some pumpkin pie.

7. The need to unbutton your pants after dinner / Via

Pants too tight... Can't move... Can't breathe...

8. Not feeling guilty about stuffing your face / Via

Thanksgiving only comes once a year. I do what I want.

9. Instant food coma / Via

I'm just gonna lie on the couch and rest my eyes for a little bit..

10. Waking up hours later dazed and confused / Via

Where am I. What year is it. Who am I.

11. Being thankful for all that you have / Via

I'm thankful for the roof over my head and the family and friends that accept me for me and my terrible eating habits.

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