Why We Love Tom Hardy So Much

It applies to EVERYONE! Yes, even you.

1. These are some of his old MySpace pictures. ~Smirk~


10. He appreciates the fluffy animals

14. This movie scene

16. His acting is impeccable

It’s very hard to capture his amazing skills in a GIF

17. He was awesome as Eames in Inception

20. His smile equals a million sunshines

23. This is one of the cutest things ever

24. His rapping is amazing

His baby makes it even more awesome and adorable

25. His little baby is just so cute!

28. He sounds like a very fun and happy guy

29. He helps young people turn their lives around

30. He’s EXTREMELY handsome

32. His eyebrow scar/shave is ruggedly attractive

33. And, if you have any doubts, watch these interviews

36. His accent, of course. If you had watched the clips like you were SUPPOSED to you could have heard it (unless you have heard it elsewhere)

37. So, why do we love him? Because he’s TOM HARDY!!!!

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