Why Nail Polish Is Overrated

ALL girls know this.

1. So… You watch a tutorial or see a picture and you expect this.

4. And it ends up like THIS

5. First it gets all over the sides of your fingers

7. Then you say “Oh now I have to remove those mistakes and THIS happens


8. Another undeniable fact. Your RIGHT hand always looks pathetic


9. And MAYBE you got your nails perfect until THIS

No! RUINED!!!!!!!

10. Plus, in a couple of days the nail polish rubs off anyway

13. My Recommendatoin: Go for just a clear nail polish for everyday looks.

It looks better than normal plain nails and much easier than the super hard designs

17. If you want something more, try something like this


18. Or get a very light tinted polish

20. Just file and shape your nails on a regular basis and your nails should look GREAT

Easy and quick. Refined and pretty.

22. And when you spend LOTS of time on a design and they look AMAZING…. Show them off!

Doesn’t Avril look GORGEOUS when she smiles?

(Show your colors off too)

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