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    Oct 16, 2017

    21 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Cubao Will Understand

    Batang Cubao, represent!

    1. The New York, Cubao jokes are not new to you.

    2. Even Manhattan exists in Cubao.

    Twitter: @alexavillano

    Manhattan Row is a new addition to the Araneta Center community. It's just one of the many areas in Cubao named after other foreign places like Times Square, Yale, Oxford, Detroit, Boston and more. Hindi mo na kailangan lumayo.

    3. Before Shopwise, there was Fiesta Carnival.

    4. Don't forget about Taga Disco and Viking.

    View this video on YouTube

    These rides are long gone. But you can find the same Taga Disco design in Subic and reach a higher level of N O S T A L G I A.

    5. Elephant World also existed. Remember the Jumbo fiasco?

    GMA / Via

    In the summer of 2003, an elephant named Jumbo went crazy over the heat and escaped to EDSA. He reached Nepa-Q-Mart and eventually got cornered by a beer delivery truck near Tomas Morato area. The trainer pacified poor Jumbo and got our elephant friend back safely. What a show.

    6. Then Timezone Gateway became your after-school hangout.

    7. Long weekends and holidays meant crowded bus terminals. As expected, Cubao would always be in the news.

    GMA News / Via

    The terminal has later on been improved into a busport. In all fairness, I'm impressed!

    8. Cubao knows how to celebrate Christmas. People always look forward to the tree-lighting event.

    Anmar75 / Via Flickr: annblyt

    ~ Salamat sa liwanag mo, muling magkakakulay ang Pasko ~

    9. Can't forget the long strips of tiangges all selling holiday decors.

    Dennis Villegas / Via Flickr: 31787094@N02

    10. Dati Christmas on Display (COD) lang okay na.

    11. Tapos Disney On Ice happened and it made you a cool kid during the holidays.

    12. Your childhood was spent on grocery shopping at the old Rustan's.

    13. You will always have a soft spot for Ali Mall and SM Cubao.

    Anmar75 / Via Flickr: annblyt


    14. Growing up, your hipster sensibilities were shaped by Cubao X.

    Facebook: todayxfuture

    Formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao X is the land of all hipsters. There you will find quirky shops selling vinyl records, zines, antique toys and other vintage buys. Uniquely themed bars and restaurants are also within the vicinity.

    15. Growing old, Engelbert Humperdinck is that one ninong who would occasionally hold a concert at The Big Dome.

    Bruce Casanova / Via Facebook: pg

    Tito Engelbert has performed there in 2010, 2012 and 2016. Ganun ka-in demand!

    16. If One More Chance is your favorite Pinoy flick, then you should invite your friends (and the Popoy/Basha of your life) to eat at Bellini's.

    17. Cubao is also blessed with THREE Taco Bells!

    Twitter: @BodyTryke



    18. Come Binibining Pilipinas season, pageant fanatics and tambays would gather at Araneta Center as they watch the parade of candidates.

    Rappler / Via

    19. You feel confidently beautiful with a heart the moment you pass by Farmers Garden.

    Dude For Food / Via

    20. At night, you see and hear raw Filipino talent at Dampa in Farmers Market.

    View this video on YouTube

    Philbert Dy / Via

    21. Or discover the sketchy side of Cubao along Aurora Boulevard.

    Dennis Villegas / Via

    Cubao used to be a haven for old-school movie theaters. Now some of them had been turned into motels and religious worship centers. (Wow, the contradiction.) While theaters like Remar and Alta still show movies — just of the R-rated kind. Ayun lang.

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