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    • chelyabinsk

      Alien spacecraft Crash in Russia.
      On TV, radio, Internet blatantly lie that it wasameteorite.
      But in reality it isaUFO flying ship with humanoids.
      This is not meteorite !!!!!
      See the photo, UFO flying ship during the fall overturned
      he triangular form, Its size is about 30-40 meters. color silver.
      The territory of the fall of the ship’s classified.
      In the ship found the bodies of humanoids (about 2.5 meters tall, with tails), unknown objects, and sundry maps, weapons, accessories and some clothing.
      Withinaradius of two kilometers-cordon FBI special military. Even where police closed the entrance. Fighters fly.Aweek ago, in Chelyabinsk flying UFO ships.

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