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19 Practical Things You Should Actually Ask For For Christmas

Make adulting easier this year.

Note: These recommendations are optimized for readers in the UK. If you're in the US, check out these practical gift recommendations instead.

Who doesn't love a good Christmas surprise?


Dear Santa, we want puppies, expensive chocolate, and state-of-the-art gadgets.

But stocking your Christmas list with things that are right for RIGHT now can lead to trouble down the line....


Let's be honest. That Go-Pro you lusted for in the pre-Christmas months is most likely to get a lot of attention in the early weeks, but once you realise you're not likely to create a viral "What my drive to work looks like" sensation, it's probably going to end up stashed in the back of the wardrobe until you rediscover it looking for the wrapping paper next year.

To get the most out of Christmas (and minimise your useless-gift-storing space) don't skip out on padding your wish list with items that would actually make your day-to-day life easier, like...

1. A good food processor.

Ask for one with several blades and functions, like this one from Phillips, and start saving yourself loads of time on chopping. Not to mention you'll have the ability to cook loads more recipes than before.

2. A subscription to Spotify Premium.


Add a year's worth of free access to your favourite tunes to your wish list and make easy listening even easier. Let your friends and family know that Spotify is even running a deal until 2 January that offers the first three months at £0.99.

3. Or a year's worth of Netflix.


This binge sponsored by Christmas. Thank you, Santa.

4. A nice, warm coat.


Baby, it's cold outside, so what you need more than anything is a warm and cosy winter coat. This year, why not do some research on a durable coat that's fashionable and resilient to the weather, and ask family members to pool on a pricier, longer-lasting item. Asos is always a good place to start for high-quality, mid-range options.

5. Or a nice bag.

If you're constantly on the move, or even just commuting to work, a durable and reliable bag is an absolute must, so use your Christmas wish-list to snag one that you can keep for years to come. Check out this fashionable and convertable Fiorelli backpack, or go for the waterproof Longchamp Le Pillage.

6. A subscription box.

Not Another Bill / Via

If you really love the thrill of getting presents, ask for a year's subscription to a favourite service, or check out a range of subscription services here, to spread the holiday cheer over the whole year.

7. A gym membership.

It Stock / Getty Images

Get a head start on your healthy-living New Year's resolution by asking friends and family to chip in on buying you a gym membership for the year.

8. A good-quality yoga mat.

If you're already locked in with the gym, throw a seriously good yoga mat like this Bodhi Ashtanga Mat on the list to make your post work-out stretches a luxurious treat.

9. Noise-cancelling headphones.

Bose offers in-ear and over-ear headphones that don't just block out the noise but, with the flick of a tiny switch, literally intercept and cover up unwanted frequencies for seriously peaceful listening. These are pricey, but an absolute must for regular travellers or people who live in noisy flats.

10. A short-term course tuition.

Facebook: CityAcademy

Ask to learn something you've always wanted to do this Christmas! In London, City Academy and City Lit offer a range of creative classes, from acting to dance to languages.

11. A top-notch makeup trolley.

Whip your beauty products collection into shape and get your hands on an organising trolley from Beauty Express. Your products can stay sorted, but be stored out of the way whenever you're not dolling yourself up.

12. An electric hair-trimmer kit.

If all you really want for Christmas is fewer trips to the barber, make it happen by asking Santa for high-quality trimming kit to help you keep things under control yourself. A kit like the Phillips Hairclipper 9000 gives you all the tools to manage your own hair care and is bound to be a lifesaver.

13. Your favourite treat in bulk.

If you're going to buy that chocolate bar from the corner shop after work every day, why not just ask for the load up front at Christmas, so you've always got your favourite indulgence on hand when you want it? Get this 600-piece Haribo box here.

14. A memory foam pillow.

Make every night feel as comfy as the nap you take after Christmas dinner. A memory foam pillow like this one from Aeris is an absolute treat for anyone with back and neck pain, and it comes with a stylish and minimal cover to boot.

15. A really good party game.

Not only is a good game bound to lighten up the Christmas affair itself (and keep your mum occupied so she stops asking when you're going to settle down), but it's an absolutely great thing to have on hand when you've got people over throughout the year. A relatively portable card-based game is a smart ask as you can travel with it too, though Game of Thrones Monopoly should definitely be on your list.

16. A supply of chef's candles.

If you live in a small flat, chef's candles are an invaluable way to keep the place from smelling like curry 24/7. It's not a particularly ~exciting~ gift, but trust me, you'll be thanking your auntie for claiming them off your wish list next time you steam salmon.

17. A coffee dripper.

If you can never get enough fresh pots, this super-portable plastic coffee dripper is the stocking stuffer of your dreams. Just £5, the convenient coffee maker from Hairo makes seriously delicious filter coffee without any bells and whistles that would make it hard to transport from home to work.

18. A cosy throw.

It's decorative, it's soft, cosying up beneath it can help you save money on heating...any questions? A nice throw is a perfect wintery present but will definitely come in handy year-round, and if you request a nice one from the Atlantic Blanket Company, you can totally leave it on display even in the summer months.

19. Socks. Seriously.

It's that thing you hated to get as a kid and desperately need as an adult but always forget to ask for. Seriously, ask for socks this Christmas, because they keep your feet warm in the winter and because god knows half the ones you own are missing their match and you need to restock. Check out this adorable knitted pair from Etsy, or go for some basic but seriously warming thermal socks.

Remember, if you're looking for US-centric recommendations, check out these practical gift recommendations as well!

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