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    18 Places You Won't Fucking Believe Are In London

    Make the most of that Oyster.

    1. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

    Flickr: 96487356@N03 / Creative Commons

    Stonebridge Park station, Zone 3

    This Hindu temple in West London is one of the most wonderful days out you can take amidst the stress of London life. It's peaceful, educational, breathtakingly beautiful, and inexpensive – entry is free, while the very worthwhile "Understanding Hinduism" exhibition is just two pounds. The connected restaurant is also a complete treat.

    Plan a visit.

    2. The Horniman Museum and Gardens

    Flickr: teflon / Creative Commons
    Flickr / Creative Commons

    Forrest Hill station, London Zone 3

    Stunning views, unique exhibitions, a small farm, and loads of green space make a short trip to Zone 3 feel like a excursion to the countryside. General entry is free, while entry to the aquarium, seasonal butterfly garden, and special exhibitions are under £10.

    Plan a visit.

    3. Morden Hall Park

    Flickr: bods / Creative Commons
    Flickr: peter-trimming / Creative Commons

    Morden station, Zone 4

    This gorgeous former hunting wood is an excellent day out. The grounds feature a wetlands boardwalk with lovely views, a rose garden, plenty open space for dog watching, a second hand bookshop and cafe, and Instagram-worthy fairytale scenery.

    Plan a visit.

    4. Eltham Palace

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

    Eltham station, Zone 6

    This truly unique English Heritage site is an architect and design lover's dream. For a £14.40 entry fee, you'll have access to gorgeous grounds that feature a medieval castle and a stunning art deco home so you'll feel like a complete time traveller during your trip.

    Plan a visit.

    5. London Wetland Centre

    Flickr: stewdean / Creative Commons
    Flickr: mattbuck007 / Creative Commons

    Barnes Bridge station, Zone 3

    Escape into a new natural habitat at the massive London Wetland Centre in West London, where you can catch cuties like these otters and other wildlife, as well as explore the unique gardens on site. Tickets are £ 12.14 when you buy online, with a significant portion going straight back into the maintenance of the wetlands.

    Plan a visit.

    6. Darwin Down House

    Flickr: 27770620@N02 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: nickwebb / Creative Commons

    Chelsfield station / Orpington station, London Zone 6

    If this incredible getaway in south London is good enough to inspire famous naturalist Charles Darwin, then it's good enough for you. The lovely grounds and gardens of Down House is where Darwin wrote much of his ground breaking On the Origin of Species. Tickets are £11.80 and well worth it for this unique glimpse into the family home of a genius.

    Plan a visit.

    7. Gabriel's Wharf

    Flickr: ktylerconk / Creative Commons
    Flickr: davebass5 / Creative Commons

    Waterloo station, Zone 1

    This little escape is situated right in the middle of town, but with its wide terraces and adorable independent shops and eateries, it feels more like a seaside European village than a Southbank alleyway.

    Plan a visit.

    8. Eastbury Manor

    Flickr: roadscum

    Upney station, London Zone 4

    East London is home to this absolutely beautiful gentry house, and it's only £4 entry. Once you're in you can breath fresh air in the peaceful gardens, explore the house's Elizabethan history, and take a little break from the outside world.

    9. Kenwood House

    Flickr: orangeaurochs / Creative Commons
    Flickr: orangeaurochs / Creative Commons

    Highgate station, Zone 3

    This jawdropping 18th century home is nestled on a gently sloping hill with excellent views of the London skyline. Inside you'll find a gem of a museum featuring paintings by Rembrant, alongside this Beauty and the Beast-esque library. Entry is free so what are you waiting for?

    Plan a visit.

    10. God's Own Junkyard

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed
    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Walthamstow Central station, Zone 3

    Brighten up your day with a visit to Walthamstow's best kept secret: a neon signmaker's workshop and display room. Surreal and cool AF, the shop is open to broswers Friday-Sunday, along with its cafe, the Rolling Scones.

    Plan a visit.

    11. Hampton Court Palace

    Flickr: garyullah / Creative Commons
    Flickr: chadgreiter / Creative Commons

    Hampton Court station, Zone 6

    Step back in time with a visit to the truly breathtaking grounds of Hampton Court Palace. Tickets are £15.60 and well worth it for a views of arresting vaulted ceilings, a tunnel of the world's longest grape vine, historical exhibitions, and a perfect little break.

    Plan a visit.

    12. Ham House

    Flickr: brighton Creative Commons
    Flickr: wwarby / Creative Commons

    Twickenham station, Zone 5

    Brilliantly tended gardens are the real gem of this 17th century home in West London, but the well preserved interior makes it all the more special. Tickets are £10.80, and picnics on the grounds are encouraged.

    Plan a visit.

    13. Strawberry Hill House

    Flickr: garyullah / Creative Commons
    Flickr: delainahaslam / Creative Commons

    Strawberry Hill station, Zone 5

    There's something completely otherworldy about this castle on the outskirts of London. Inspired by fairy tales and Gothic architecture, it's a completely unique experience and very photogenic. Entry is £12.50 and very worth satisfying your curiosity.

    Plan your visit.

    14. Leighton House Museum

    Facebook: LeightonHouse

    Kensington (Olympia) station, Zone 2

    You don't have to leave central London to feel completely transported by Leighton House. For £9 entry, you can explore this former studio and home the Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton. Its beautiful interiors and gardens feel like something straight out of a film set, and its collection of Leighton's artwork ranges from photographs to sculptures to paintings.

    Plan a visit.

    15. Petersham Nursery

    Flickr: herry

    Richmond station, Zone 4

    This green paradise in Richmond is the perfect escape after a busy work week. Explore the gorgeous display of plants for sale, and enjoy a fresh meal at the glasshouse restaurant, or afternoon tea in the charming tea house fit for Wonderland.

    Plan a visit.

    16. Kyoto Gardens

    Flickr: eskimo_jo / Creative Commons
    Flickr: norimaki / Creative Commons

    Holland Park station, Zone 2

    Tucked away in the heart of Holland Park is this gorgeous and peaceful Japanese garden where you'll find a waterfall, impeccable landscaping, and peacocks.

    Plan a visit.

    17. Hampstead Heath

    Flickr: rogersg / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 34517490@N00 / Creative Commons

    Hampstead Heath station, Zone 3

    Swim, explore, and smell the flowers at the endlessly lovely Hampstead Heath, and renew your love of London effortlessly. This grand green space in North London feels like a real step out of town, but is easily connected into central so you don't have to go far to feel like you have.

    Plan a visit.

    18. Little Venice

    Flickr: la-citta-vita / Creative Commons
    Flickr: ktylerconk / Creative Commons

    Maida Vale station, Zone 2

    Alight at Maida Vale and walk along the canal for a small town, European vibe without ever leaving central London. You can even hop on board the Water Bus for a peaceful canal cruise.

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