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    24 Beautiful Little Phrases To Tattoo On Yourself

    A tattoo's worth a thousand words.

    1. This lovely nod to Maya Angelou.

    2. This simple encouragement.

    3. This shirt and sweet proverb.

    4. This souvenir from Wonderland.

    5. These heartening priorities.

    6. This stunning word art.

    7. This gorgeous mantra in cursive.

    8. This masterpiece.

    9. This breathtaking typography.

    10. This beautiful sentiment.

    11. This strong female character.

    12. This lovely little philosophy.

    13. This passionate phrase.

    14. This no-nonsense guide to life.

    15. This sweet encouragement.

    16. This perk of being a wallflower.

    17. These multi-tasking finger tats.

    18. This inspiring outlook.

    19. This vital reminder.

    20. This simple little line.

    21. This attitude adjustment.

    22. This heartbreaking Tim O'Brien line.

    23. This reason to take risks.

    24. This reminder to keep forging on.