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What Little Things Can You Do For Someone Living With Anxiety?

How do you help, or how do you wish someone would?

Being a good friend, partner, or family member is one of the joys of life.

But knowing the right way to be good to a loved one living with anxiety can be tough.

Since, of course, you know better than to tell someone with anxiety to stop worrying and calm down, what do you do instead?

Maybe you've got a healing playlist made up for stressful times...

Or you know exactly which tea and biscuit combination makes them feel a little safer.

Maybe there's an activity you do together that always seems to help?

Or maybe you're dealing with anxiety yourself, and there's something the people in your life always do for you, or something you wish they did.

Whatever kind of support you give or need, we want to know! Share your response below and you could be featured on a BuzzFeed Community post!