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Jan 8, 2015

21 Secrets People Who Date Musicians Won't Tell You

"We are not groupies."

1. Stick around long enough and you'll end up running the merch table.

2. And modelling merch.

3. You can kiss a regular schedule goodbye.

PolyGram /

Late gigs, tours, and rehearsals, oh my!

4. You'll probably have to listen to songs about their exes.

5. You have to share your S.O.'s love with a band, an instrument, and their musical hero.

Paramount /

The holy trinity.

6. Touring = you at home with all the ice cream.

7. Your taste in music will definitely improve.

Columbia Pictures

8. But don't expect to convince them to love the songs on your pre-relationship playlist.


9. It's best to keep your music guilty pleasures under wraps.

They will just never understand your (semi-)ironic need to jam to One Direction (unless they're Dave Grohl and congrats on that.)

10. And it can be a little awkward if you're not musically inclined.

11. When you're hanging out with your S.O. and other musicians, it can seem like they're speaking a foreign language.

12. It can be hard to react to their work.

DreamWorks /

Inevitably, when you think the gig was great, they thought it was terrible. If you think it was rough, they're super proud.

13. You might not be your partner's biggest fan.


But you will be their biggest support system.

14. It's a little bit weird to have your partner on display in front of a crowd.

15. But also an ego boost. / Via

It's always nice to have what everybody else wants, amiright?

16. Your friends think it's hot.

17. But your parents are a little concerned.


18. Dating a musician is pretty great.

19. But good luck getting some quality alone time.

20. First comes gear, then comes beer, then if you're lucky maybe comes a modestly priced date.


Musicians aren't poor because they're lazy and unemployed. They're poor because their new set of cymbals cost a year's paycheck.

21. But LBH, there is honestly no better hobby for a partner to have.

Universal / Via

I mean, would you rather they juggled, knitted, or played video games all day?

And more power to them for making their hobby their JOB.

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