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My Night At London's Harry Potter Hotel As Told By Snapchat

The Room of Requirement IRL.

1. The Georgian House Hotel in Victoria, London, is pleased to say that it is perfectly normal, thank you very much.

2. But the Georgian House Hotel has a secret.

3. There are four "Wizard Chambers" in the hotel's basement.

4. So I obviously had to stay there.

5. The Wizard Chambers are pretty damn cool.

6. The hotel is right in the heart of central London.

7. It doesn't give you full access to the rest of the Wizarding World.

8. But does offer packages including trips to the Warner Brothers Studios and a Potter-themed London walking tour.

9. I do wish a Remembrall had come with the hotel package.

10. I had my own midnight duel.

11. There were not any fantastic beasts that I could find.

12. I might have brought my own Sorting Hat.

13. And it was 100% worth it.

14. The decor was on point.

15. And the toilets were very nice.

16. There were bars on my window, which was a little bit weird.

17. And owl post apparently isn't a thing in central London.

18. But I did find a cauldron under my bed for emergency brewing purposes.

19. I didn't run into any baddies during my stay.

20. Or did I?

21. It was a freaking gem and I would 100% live there.

Want a more in-depth look at the Wizarding Chambers experience? Daniel Dalton wrote a masterpiece about his adventures in the room above me: This Is What It's Like To Stay In The "Harry Potter" Hotel.

More about the Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel here.